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Due to COVID 19, our location is temporarily closed. Currently, we are only available through appointments. Schedule your's today!


Digital point has been a leading Baltimore Cell Phone repair Store since 2017. We are a mobile electronic repair store for all your electronic needs. We offer one of the best repairing services and tech gadgets. In addition to offering one of a kind repairs services, we advance in products such as Computers, Mobile Phones, Laptops, hoverboards, and accessories. Our customers enjoy the Digital point shopping experience because of our immense amount of resources, fast and useful assistance, and professional product support.



Digital point fixes and repairs cell phones and all other electronic devices. From the classic phone drop in the toilet to the 'oops, it fell'... We’ve seen it all before.  We understand how it’s like to break your favorite devices, which is why our intelligent electronic techniphones do their best to make your device feel just like new.

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